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Patent transfer: synthetic technology of zeatin CN103524585A

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The invention relates to the preparation of zeatin applied in ionic liquids. In this method, with isoprene as the starting material, processed one pot reactions in ionic liquids. Namely, through bromination, selectively nitrogen substitution and acetoxy substitution to get (E) - 4 - phthalic diamide) - 2 - methyl - 2 - butene acetate. Then obtained (E) - 4 - hydroxy - 3 - methyl - 2 - butene amine by hydrazinolysis, continue reaction get zeatin compounds. This method described has the following merits, simple synthetic route, environmental protection, easy to industrialization, low cost and high product purity, etc. Our company seals zeatin, trans-zeatin, trans-zeatin-raboside, dihydrozeatin, dihydrozeatin raboside, zeatin -9-0-glucoside and other mature products.


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